Monday marks 40th anniversary of hotel shooting rampage

New Orleans, La. - January 7th marks the anniversary of a dark day in New Orleans history.

40 years ago, 23 year-old Mark Essex went on a killing spree in downtown New Orleans.

It started on New Year's eve 1972 when he shot and killed New Orleans police cadets Alfred Harrell and Edward Hosli Sr.

Then on January 7th around 10am, his sniper attacks from the Howard Johnson hotel began and lasted 11 hours.

In the end, Essex killed 9 people.

The shooting rampage came to an end when an NOPD sharpshooter in a Marine helicopter killed Essex.

A memorial service will be held Monday at 3pm. Officers and civilian personnel of the New Orleans Police Department will come together in front of NOPD Headquarters to remember the five officers and four civilians who lost their lives.

Recognized this day in honor of those killed are:

Cadet Alfred Harrell Jr.

Sergeant Edwin Hosli Sr.

Officer Philip Coleman

Officer Paul Persigo

Deputy Superintendent Louis Sirgo

Dr. Robert Steagall (Motel Guest)

Elizabeth Steagall (Motel Guest)

Frank E. Schneider (Motel Employee)

Walter Collins (Motel Employee), and the dozens of others injured