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NOPD captains call for investigation about alleged mistreatment

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New Orleans, La. - Six veteran New Orleans Police Department captains are calling for an investigation into their complaints about mistreatment.

They filed a petition with Lisa Hudson, the personnel director for the city.  As FOX 8 first reported, the captains are working out of a trailer. They have as much as 30 years of police experience. They join a major with 42 years experience who filed an earlier petition.

The seven officers claim the department violated Civil Service rules by assigning them to duties normally handled by sergeants. The officers include two former deputy superintendents, who allege their supervisory powers have been removed. They also allege they are answering to  officers of inferior rank. 

Brett Prendergast, the officers' lawyer,  tells FOX 8, "The citizens of New Orleans are being denied the benefits of these officers' knowledge and experience as they perform clerical duties out of a dilapidated Katrina FEMA trailer."

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