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23,000 streetlights repaired since May 2010

New Orleans, La. - City officials say over 23,000 streetlights have been repaired since the Landrieu Administration took office in May 2010.

Many of the outages were due to the streetlight system being outdated, damaged during Hurricanes Katrina or Isaac, or from theft of essential components like electrical conduits and copper wiring.

In May 2012, the city committed to fixing the backlog of 10,917 broken streetlights at that time by the end of 2012. To pursue this initiative, the City dedicated $8 million in one-time federal recovery dollars to pay for these repairs.

To increase capacity, the Department of Public Works increased the streetlight repair crews from 3 crews working five days a week, 8 per day to 22 crews working six days a week, 13 hours per day. By the end of 2012, the City repaired 12,753 streetlights.

Because streetlights are continually burning out, a total of 8,080 outages presently exist as of the beginning of 2013. Of these outages, about 2,000 were damaged during Hurricane Isaac. Twenty contractor maintenance crews are currently working on over 1,500 of these reported outages.

Residents are encouraged to report any streetlight outages by calling 3-1-1 during business hours.

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