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Suspect in elderly woman's rape previously arrested 52 times

The man accused of raping an 83-year-old woman in Marrero Sunday has been arrested at least 52 times in the past, in 10 different jurisdictions. And sheriff's deputies say 51-year-old Kenneth Adams had only recently gotten out of jail.

Avenue L in Marrero is described by residents as a quiet street with good people living on it. But Sunday night, deputies say, a man living on the street and broke into his elderly neighbor's home, attempting to rob it. The woman who owns the house came home and surprised the man. Then the man, who sheriff's deputies say is Kenneth Adams, allegedly raped the woman.

Al Mims is a member of Victims and Citizens Against Crime. He's also a former member of the state parole board, having dealt with thousands of criminals over the years.  He explains, "To career criminals, jail don't frighten them. They come out of jail and they have no intention of doing the right thing because that's what they do."

Al Mims says Adams can be considered a career criminal. He's been arrested in places such as Jefferson Parish, New Orleans, Chicago, Mississippi, and West Virginia. He has 13 misdemeanor convictions under his belt and three felony convictions.

His most recent one was in 2006 for simple robbery. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and served just under that amount. According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, he was released last year, just months before the alleged rape.

Adams now has seven new charges against him after Sunday night's arrest, including aggravated rape, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Given his extensive criminal history and the fact that Adams was a free man at the time, the victim's family worries that, if convicted, he may not be punished severely enough for this crime.

The victim's grandson said, "He broke into somebody's house, he dragged my senior citizen grandmother through the hallway, and he'll probably be out in a few years."

Mims says, if Adams is convicted of it, he will be sent away for a long time.  He just wishes it didn't take this incident to do it. 

Mims commented, "He's locked up now but how many people's lives has he changed and impacted?"

The 83-year-old victim suffered minor physical injuries in the attack.

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