City breaks ground on new fire station in Venetian Isles

Rendering of NOFD Engine 31 Alba Road Fire Station
Rendering of NOFD Engine 31 Alba Road Fire Station

New Orleans, La. - Mitch Landrieu and City officials broke ground Wednesday on the new NOFD Engine 31 Alba Road Fire Station at 4300 Alba Road in Venetian Isles.

The $3.6 million, over 7,800 square foot facility will provide enhanced fire protection to the Venetian Isles and Lake Catherine communities.

This new fire station will replace the previous 5,900 square foot fire station that was built in 1975 and flooded during Hurricane Katrina. Construction will be complete this fall.

The new fire station will be a two company, two bay facility housing two fire trucks and five firefighters per shift with a maximum occupancy of 10 firefighters. The facility is designed to respond to its location outside of the levee protection system which is a high hazard flood zone.

In order to be operational immediately after a storm or high water event, the facility's living spaces will be located on the second floor above flood elevation. Electrical service will be encased in concrete to mitigate flooding at the first floor and controlled at the second floor.

Separate panels are designed for each level for easy shut off in the event of a major storm. In the event of a high storm surge, a breakaway wall system is being installed on the first floor to allow water to flow through the facility without damaging the structural integrity of the facility.

A 60kW generator will be elevated to run essential electrical operations for 3 days with direct connection to an elevated onsite fuel tank. There will also be an open stairway to provide firefighters boat access to the second floor if flood waters are present immediately after a storm.