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Gun, ammo sales skyrocket as control debate rages

At gun stores across New Orleans, arsenals are getting slim.

Mike Gustafson carries his weapon openly -- it's legal here -- but he worries that he can't get all the arms he would like.   And what is in stock costs nearly three times more, in many cases.

Not only that, but the ammo isn't as cheap as it used to be.  Boxes of shells sold for $17 two months ago, and now cost nearly $50 in some cases. 

Gun enthusiasts like Gustafson blame one thing, saying, "Since the school shooting, there's a lot of panic reaction."

Peggy Landry lobbied for the right to carry concealed weapons in Louisiana and still carries the first permit ever issued, back in the 90's. And she lobbied for gun rights with the late Charlton Heston on Capitol Hill.  As the new debate on gun rights begins in Washington, she worries about her rights being infringed on.

Landry feels very strongly about these weapons because of personal experience. She describes an encounter with a robber nearly 20 years ago, saying, "He said give me your [expletive] money, your purse and your jewelry."

She and her three friends were held up at gunpoint in Uptown New Orleans.  "He said, 'This is a robbery, I have a gun,' and I put the gun on his heart and said 'Guess what, I've got a gun too."

While she feels strongly about gun rights, she feels just as strongly about gun training and she supports bans on armor-piercing bullets and certain weapons.  "I don't think people need an assault rifle; that's my personal opinion,"Landry said.

When it comes to legislation that could take away any of her three permitted weapons, Landry says she's prepared to return to Capitol Hill to fight once more if necessary.

A conceal-and-carry permit costs $125 and is half price for anyone 65 and over. But if you want to openly carry a gun registered to you in Louisiana, there is no prohibition and no permit fee.

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