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Tangipahoa Parish deals with flooding and braces for more rain

New Orleans, La - Neighborhoods are surrounded by water in Tangipahoa Parish. Residents in those areas were encouraged to evacuate Wednesday ahead of another downpour.

A stroll down Peggy Lee Drive requires rubber boots. "It's the worst," said resident Randy Woods. He lives in the Bankston Road Area just outside of Amite.

He and dozens of his neighbors are dealing with high water after the heavy rain. "I'm going to be stranded," said resident Helen Evans. "I ain't got no other choice."

With more rain on the way, District 3 Parish Councilman Louis Joseph says he spent the day encouraging residents to get out. "My concern is that if it rose this fast initially. My concern is that it will rise this fast again," said Joseph.

"We're expecting about another 12 hours of rainfall," explained Parish President Gordon Burgess. He says, right now, low lying areas near flooded creeks and branches are the biggest concern. "It's pretty well spread throughout the parish, but right now it's in Amite, just south of Amite and then there are a couple of subdivisions in water in the Hammond area."

Burgess says about a half a dozen neighborhoods are dealing with high water and 20 to 25 roads are closed due to flooding. "I would certainly encourage you, don't get out," said Burgess. "Don't do any sightseeing. It's not time to do that."

Parish officials are hoping the rain holds off long enough to allow time for the water to begin to recede. "If you're expecting three to four inches and if that happens, then the lives of the people who chose to stay could be in jeopardy," said Councilman Joseph.

If heavy rainfall does send water into homes, parish officials tell Fox 8 the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Department will be standing by in case there's a need for rescues.

An estimated 100 homes in the parish are surrounded by water.

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