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Lafourche Parish leaders prepare for more rain

Heavy rain has already caused problems for people living in Lafourche Parish.  Now, they worry about more storms on Thursday.

The ditches are full and canals that drain neighborhoods are high, despite pumps working at full capacity.

"This pumping station has two pumps. One of them pumps 13,000 gallons a minute and the other one pumps 30,000 gallons a minute," says Bob Passman, the Public Works Manager for Lafourche and a pump operator.  "I think last night was the highest I've ever seen it," says Passman.

He tells us that, for 14 hours straight, it poured down, causing street flooding and road closures.

"The rain started coming down so hard. I checked this pump here about five times during the night and every time I checked it, the water was higher and higher and the pump was going as fast as it could go," says Passman.

About seven inches of rain fell in Lafourche over the past 24 hours and Passman is bracing for the next round of thunderstorms.

"We feel like if we can get a good night of getting rid of this rain by pumping it out of our canals, then we'll be ready. We don't want as much as we got today but we'll be ready," says Passman.

About eight neighborhoods in Lafourche had standing water throughout the day, including the Abbey Lake Subdivision, where water did get inside one home.

Nicholas Fangue says his neighborhood can't afford another downpour.  "That's what we're worried about . We don't know what is going to happen tomorrow.  I mean, the ground is already saturated," says Fangue.

Parish leaders are keeping their guard up as they prepare for the next round of storms and they hope residents will do the same.

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