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New Orleanian Jacoby Jones' mother basking in playoff glory

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New Orleans, La. - Many are dubbing it "The Mile High Miracle".  Jacoby Jones' 70-yard touchdown catch saved the Ravens' season and put Baltimore one step away from the Super Bowl.

After the game, Joe Flacco reflected on the big completion: "I started to step up in the pocket, and I kept my eye on the safety's depth at that point.  I felt I had a shot of getting it over them.  At that point in the game you have no timeouts, have to go a pretty decent length, you start taking shots, and it happened to work."

Jacoby Jones grew up in New Orleans East and played his prep ball at Abramson.  His mother, Emily London-Jones works at Xavier University as the director of student financial aid.  She braved the frigid temperatures in Denver to see her son in action. 

The only problem is that she didn't realize her son came down with "the catch" at first: "When Joe threw that ball, and this person went up and I'm looking... the place went quiet as a church mouse... he catches it, and his friend David yells, 'That's 12!  That's 12!'  And I'm like, what?!"

Jones played only one year at Abramson and then starred at tiny Division II school Lane College, now his catch will go down with the all-time greats.

His mom said, "That's all I could say is 'wow' because Jacoby used to be 'little Jacoby.'  He was never supposed to play football ever, because of his size and his weight.  And look where he is now."

If Jones and the Ravens can beat the Patriots Sunday, he'll be headed home to play in the Super Bowl.

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