Driver escapes from sinking truck

Pearl River, La. - The driver of a pickup trust was able to escape from a waterway before the truck was fully submerged.   St. Tammany fire officials say an unidentified man was driving on Pump Slough Road, just off of I-59 when, for unknown reasons, he ended up in a waterway on the side of the road.

As the truck began sinking, the man was able to escape and make it back to land. Emergency workers from St. Tammany Fire Protection District No. 11, who arrived on the scene assisted the man.  They said he appeared to be in good condition and refused further medical help. They were able to attach a cable from a tow truck and successfully remove the truck from the water.

The waterway, which feeds into the Pearl River,  is a popular area for fishermen.  Firemen say water levels were high because of all of the rain that's been falling in the area.  The accident happened between the boat launch and the "Last Chance" gas station.

This was the second rescue situation for St. Tammany Fire District 11.  Crews responded to another accident last Thursday off I-59 not far from today's accident.