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North Shore prepares for possible snow

Crews in Tangipahoa Parish load trucks with sand Crews in Tangipahoa Parish load trucks with sand

If the North Shore sees a snow flurry or two Wednesday night into Thursday morning, public works crews say they'll be ready.

In St. Tammany Parish, the emergency operations center is keeping a close eye on the weather. All public works employees have been told to be on standby.  And if black ice is spotted overnight, the superintendent of schools will decide whether or not school will go on as planned Thursday.

In Tangipahoa Parish Wednesday, crews loaded up dump trucks with sand. Parish President Gordon Burgess says the last time the parish saw flurries and some ice was about two years ago.

As in St. Tammany, all Tangipahoa public works staff are on standby and will monitor the weather. Burgess says, at about 5:00 a.m., the superintendent of schools will put out a bulletin to let parents and school district employees know if school is still on for Thursday.

Burgess says sand will be used should ice develop on local roads.  Still, he warns, people should stay off the roadways if possible.

"What we have to watch here, we have so many overpasses and bridges that they will ice over ahead of the road itself. So we have to be extra cautious there," Burgess explained.

Burgess says Tangipahoa residents also need to watch out for standing water on the side of the roads that may freeze if it gets cold enough.

The emergency operations folks FOX 8 spoke with Wednesday say they don't expect to get a whole lot of rest. They're going to stay up and watch to see what happens with the weather to make sure the necessary steps are taken to keep the roadways safe on the North Shore.

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