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NOPD tries new strategy to curb home break-ins

Residents in NOPD's 5th District are on high alert after 43 homes there were broken into over the past four weeks.  Last week alone, 11 homes were burglarized.

"I sleep light and look out the window, check the neighborhood," Dominique Williams said.

Williams' neighbor was burglarized at the beginning of the month.  She explains, "Somebody broke in, took all the TV's and all the jewelry and stuff."

According to 5th District Commander Chris Goodly, the break-ins began just after Thanksgiving.  The 7th and 8th Wards have been hit the hardest.

Goodly developed a plan to saturate the area with officers.  He explains, "It was a two-pronged approach.  One, we wanted to assure the public that when we receive the information, we take it seriously and we deploy accordingly.  And two, we want the criminal element to know that we were out there, we're coming after them."

30 officers combed the streets Wednesday. "We conducted walking beats in the area, trying to solicit information that may have a successful outcome to identify and apprehend the suspects," Goodly said.

But the break-ins are not limited to the 5th District.  A surveillance camera mounted to a home in Lakeview, NOPD's 3rd District, shows a man kicking in the back door Monday to gain entry.

Residents we spoke with say they'd love to see Goodly's saturation plan utilized in all areas of the city. "It would be outstanding if I could come outside and see police cars driving up and down or even foot patrols going back and forth. We need to have that," said Burnell Cotlon.

Goodly says he's seen a decrease in home break-ins since the plan was implemented.  In fact, there has not been a single break-in incident reported this week.

Still, residents say they're being extra careful while they wait for the suspects to be caught.

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