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Saffron Shrimp and Blue Crab Etouffee w Ricotta Cheese Cavatelli

Saffron Shrimp and Blue Crab Etouffee

w/ Ricotta Cheese Cavatelli pasta

6 Servings


20ea                Shrimp Heads

3ea                  Blue Crabs

2ea                  Celery

1ea                  Onion

1ea                  Fennel

1T                    Tomato Paste

1qt                   Water

3T                    Oil

3T                    Flour


  1. With a Hammer under a towel break the crab body into pieces, preheat a stock pot with oil, sear the crab bodies and shrimps heads building a fond in the pot.
  2. Add the diced vegetables to the pot and sweat until tender about 5-6 mins.
  3. Add tomato paste cook for 5 mins more, add water and simmer for about an hour
  4. In another pot make you roux (oil and Flour) cook for about 10 min blonde roux is achieved. 
  5. Add the roux to the pot and thicken you base, pass thru a metal strainer until to ensure to catch the shells, reserve for the base. 


1c                    Trinity

1pinch             Saffron

2cloves            Garlic

6ea                  Gr. Onions

2qt                   Etouffee Base

1#                    Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

16ea                White Shrimp 

1t                     Pica Pepper Sauce

3oz                   Cream

1t                     Creole Spice

1T                    Butter, unsalted

t/t                    Salt

t/t                    Black Pepper


  1. In a sauté pan in hot oil add your trinity, garlic, saffron treads
  2. To the same pan add the shrimp, season with creole spice, salt, black pepper
  3. Add the base, pica pepper, and cream bring together allowing the shrimp to cook
  4. Add the Green onions, butter, crabmeat and pasta
  5. Serve in 4 bowls with thick slices of French bread  


Ricotta Cheese Cavatelli Pasta


1c                    Ricotta Cheese

1c                    Flour

1ea                  Eggs

1/2t                 White Pepper

1t                     Salt


  1. Add ingredients together in a kitchen aid bowl, mix on speed 1 for 5 min with a dough hook.
  2. Allow to rest for 1hr on the counter, wrapped in plastic wrap, divide dough into 1oz balls
  3. On a non floured surface roll dough into snakes or logs about 10 inches long and about ½ inch diameter 
  4. Roll thru a Cavatelli roller (Cucina Pro Cavatelli is one I use) place into cornmeal in a zip lock bag until use. 

*** This recipe freezes very well  

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