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Locals react to indictment of former mayor Nagin

New Orleans, La. — As a two-term mayor, Ray Nagin worked with various City Council members at City Hall.

One of them was Jay Batt, the former Councilman for District "A."  Batt commented on Nagin's indictment by a federal grand jury on Friday.

"I think it's sad for our city, and a black eye and we're going to be the brunt of a lot of jokes for the corruption that we've had in this city and state for quite some time," Batt said, not long after the indictment was handed up by the grand jurors at federal court.

Batt says he hopes the city's image will not be battered nationally over the indictment of the former mayor.  "People recognize that all the people in this community are working very hard to make it a better place, and unfortunately we have some slips like this but, you know, hopefully we won't see any more in the future," said Batt.

On the streets of the city, word of Nagin's legal problems spread fast Friday.

"Yes, I was shocked," said one woman walking down Poydras Street.

"I'm not really surprised, with all of the stuff that was going around and all the information that they had given us before. I mean, it's not really a surprise," said another woman in the Central Business District.

"Let's not convict him before he goes before trial, because [it's] innocent before proven guilty.  But the feds never bring about these kind of indictments unless they've got everything locked up," said Batt.

FOX 8 sought comment from the current seven-member City Council, but none of the council members was available for an interview.

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