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Verizon celebrates 10th Super Bowl in New Orleans

Football Legend Ronnie Lott   (Photo by Jessica Holly) Football Legend Ronnie Lott (Photo by Jessica Holly)

New Orleans, La - Super Bowl Season is a time when legends are made and legends are remembered. Sunday afternoon, one of the best defensive backs in NFL history was in New Orleans for Verizon Championship Sunday.

Nick Morse was born and raised on the West Bank of New Orleans. You might call him a rare breed in these parts. You see, he's a big fan of the 49er's. "My dad would take me to every San Francisco game since I was six or seven years old," said Morse. "It was always Montana and Ronnie Lott."

His love for the 49er's put him at the idea event on Sunday as his team defeated the Atlanta Falcons. He was among the crowd at Verizon Championship Sunday at Walk-Ons. It featured football legend Ronnie Lott. Lott is a four-time Super Bowl champ. He's one of several champs to be featured at these Super Bowl Celebrations.

"There's no better city for a Super Bowl that I've ever experienced," said Joe Clementi with Verizon. "You guys are equipped to party and that's what it's all about. It's all about fun, football, music and art and Verizon celebrates all of those."

There are 10 of these events in honor of the 10th Super Bowl in New Orleans coming up on February 3rd. And even though the crowd at the party was pumped up about what's around the corner, Ronnie Lott and Who Dats are already looking ahead to Super Bowl 48 and what's in store for the home team.

"It was a tough year," said Lott. "Sean wasn't around, they had some challenges, but I think now coming off the bounty situation, now getting everybody back, the coach is signed up, I think they're going to have a phenomenal year. Like I said, I'm predicting them to win the Super Bowl next year."

But this year the game doesn't include the Saints. That means Nick Morse will be taking some heat as he cheers on his team, the 49er's. "Yes, I get a lot of that. Facebook, my friends kill me, but this week they are cheering with me," said Morse. "I told them the bandwagon was full."

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