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Nagin deal still possible, even though feds cancelled meeting

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The attorney for Ray Nagin says, even though a meeting with federal prosecutors set for Tuesday has been cancelled, there will be more talks to come with the feds.

In the meantime, there has been more reaction Monday to the former mayor's indictment, as Mayor Mitch Landrieu gave his first on-camera comments about his predecessor's legal turmoil.

"Just a very sad day for the city. This city has been through a lot of trauma. In the last couple of years this city has turned in a different direction," said Landrieu.

New Orleanians participating in MLK Day events are weighing in, too. 

Kristen Anglin said, "We put our faith in these people and it's like a big slap in the face."

We asked Michael Jones if he was surprised by the indictment.  He said, "Not really. All those in office say one thing, and do a different thing."

Our legal analyst says Nagin should have taken the deal with the feds.  "My advice would have been to take a deal.  If he thought he could win them over, I'd tell them he was sadly mistaken," said Joe Raspanti.

And even though Nagin's sons weren't named in the indictment, that does not mean they can't be charged later.

While the indictment lists a number of people willing to testify, it does not name the businessman who flew the Nagin family on a $23,000 trip to New York City.  While that would appear to be strong evidence, our legal analyst says there's no real need for "Businessman A" to testify.

Raspanti said, "It's going to make the Rex parade look like a shorty, and they're going to keep parading those people in and they will say Nagin gave them money and they will get multiple convictions."

Businessmen Rodney Williams, Frank Fradella and Greg Meffert are expected to testify against Nagin.  And Mark St. Pierre, already sentenced to 17 years for paying bribes, has been moved to St Charles Parish. "He's there because it's easier access, easier for federal agents to go there, and talk to him,"said Raspanti.

MLK parade-goers had mixed reactions Monday on Nagin's impact on the city.

Keith Chaney Jr. said, "I guess some people shouldn't be in positions where they are if they can't conduct an honest job."

Kristen Anglin said, 'He might have helped, but he might have hurt a lot of people, and it's ridiculous the city has to keep going through this."

Many now wonder if the city's ordeal will be extended with a trial, or if Nagin and the feds will reach some sort of deal.

Nagin has been tweeting a lot since the indictment.  His latest came out Monday, a quote from Martin Luther King Junior: "Unarmed truth & unconditional love will have the final word. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."

If a deal isn't reached, Nagin's guilt or innocence will be settled at a trial, with a date to be set later this month.

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