Boy reportedly fakes kidnapping to avoid parent-teacher meeting

According to Fox, a boy's prank has taken the practice of hiding bad grades from parents to a whole new level.

The unnamed 11-year-old from Xinzo de Limia texted his father on Monday afternoon and said he was kidnapped, a tale he reportedly concocted, in an attempt to have his parents avoid a meeting with teachers later that night, The Guardian reports.

The boy told his father that he was taken off the street and locked inside a moving car. His father, a police officer, worked with authorities to set up roadblocks in the province of Ourense.

The boy was discovered two hours later in his family's spare apartment, after his father noticed the key to the property was missing, The Guardian reports, citing local newspapers.

Voz de Galicia, a local newspaper, said the boy had been performing poorly at school in recent weeks.

It is not known if the parent-teacher meeting was rescheduled or canceled.