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Impact of cutting sugar out of your diet

Impact of cutting sugar out of your diet Impact of cutting sugar out of your diet

Past studies show too much sugar in the diet has been linked to obesity and an increased risk of chronic illnesses.

Now a new study shows decreasing sugar consumption has a small but meaningful impact on body weight in adults. A group of investigators from the University of Otago and the Riddet Institute in New Zealand examined the outcomes of 71 studies of sugar consumption and body fatness to evaluate the evidence on the link between intake of dietary sugars and body weight in children and adults.

The researchers discovered that advice to decrease free sugars were linked with an average of 0.8 kg fall in weight, while advice recommending to increase consumption was linked with a corresponding 0.75 kg increase.

Free sugars are considered sugars that are added to foods by the cook, manufacturer, or consumer, as well as those present naturally in fruit juices, honey, and syrups.

The proof was not so consistent in kids, because of poor compliance to diet guidelines. However, in regards to sugar-sweetened beverages, the risk of becoming overweight or obese increased among youths with the highest consumption compared with those with the lowest consumption levels.

You can read more about this in the British Medical Journal ( BMJ).

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