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Mayor says New Orleans is Super Bowl ready

New Orleans, La. - For two years, the city planned for it, worked on it and Mayor Mitch Landrieu says completed a task that other cities would consider overwhelming.

"Our great city, New Orleans, is ready for Mardi Gras and we're ready for Super Bowl XLVII. I guarantee you, nobody's done both of these at the same time ever," says Mayor Landrieu.

Five-thousand members of the media are starting to arrive.

Stories are being told on the international stage about New Orleans as the Super Bowl approaches.

"Let's take this opportunity to show the rest of the world how far New Orleans has come," says Jay Cicero with the New Orleans Sports Foundation.

"For a city that seven years ago was 15 feet under water and the last on every list in America that mattered, we find ourselves now in a city that is on the world's stage," says Landrieu.

The city's goal is to welcome every football fan with VIP treatment.

Projects to prepare included, 305-million dollars in renovations at the airport, 336-million dollars at the Superdome and Hall A of the Convention Center underwent 93-million dollars of renovations.

With 150 thousand visitors in town, just for the Super Bowl and a lot more coming for Mardi Gras, security is a priority.

Chief Ronal Serpas says NOPD officers already have their assignments.

"We provided police service to our neighborhoods first. When we created this plan, we made sure that every single neighborhood in New Orleans would be covered and will have police service at an even higher level than normal," says Chief Serpas.

About 300 officers from outside law enforcement agencies will also be in town to help.

The city hopes to pull off the greatest Super Bowl ever and put New Orleans in a position to host more in the future.

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