Metairie woman frustrated with multiple random power outages

Metairie, La - Metairie resident Mary Kucera became very frustrated after experiencing multiple random power outages at her home on Pasadena Avenue. What really became puzzling for Kucera was the fact that some of the outages were occurring on clear days. "It could be a clear day and it would do it, so that's how bad it was," says Kucera.

Kucera says the off and on again power problems impacted only a handful of Pasadena Avenue residents. Her next door neighbors and the ones directly across the street. The outages even did damage to her nearly-new air conditioning unit. "They're not supposed to go out after a year," Kucera adds. She says that it did go out after a year, but thankfully her warranty kicked in.

Kucera says that the problem started years ago. "It's been seven years... seven years, and I've called them," says Kucera."I've gotten no where. I've written them with no response."

Kucera finally turned to the FOX 8 Defenders for help. "They stayed on the issue, and they got me results." says Kucera. "They got somebody from Entergy to come out and meet with me and speak to me about the problem, and that was a miracle! And I just want to say thank you to all of them."

Kucera says so far, so good. She's been outage-free.

An Entergy Louisiana spokesperson says the company isn't allowed to talk specifics about individual customers, so we couldn't confirm how many outages Mary Kucera has experienced.

Entergy's Phillip Allison did say Entergy has trimmed trees and that may have been overgrown in the area. He says if something like a tree limb hits a line, it could "trip it" so that it doesn't become energized.