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Big crowds expected at Kenner gun show


Kenner, La. - The tables are quickly filling up with weapons and by Saturday, the aisles at the Great Southern Gun Show will be filled with people.

Show organizers and Kenner Police expect a record crowd to pack the Ponchartrain Center both Saturday and Sunday.

"We don't know how many we'll have just yet but based on the history of the past few weeks at least, all shows have been up three, four, five times the previous attendance average," says show director Shawn Bean.

Bean and his family put on these events across the Southeast.  He says they've been drawing thousands of people since December, when a mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut sparked intense debate on new gun control laws.

"Prices have gone up on all the popular guns and ammunition that people are wanting right now, such as the AR-15 sporting rifle and the ammunition for that has gone up the most probably of anything," says Bean. "Most other handguns, rifles and ammunition is the same as it has been, it's just the demand has gone up for certain items."

With the big crowd this weekend, show organizers are bringing in extra security.  Kenner police will have additional officers working inside the show and out in the parking lot.

"We have had problems at these in the past," says Kenner Police Chief Steve Caraway. "Not so much with the gun owners and collectors, but a lot of times we get these straw purchases where people will buy them for someone who can't buy guns and try and hand them off in the parking lot, things like that.  So those are things we look for, those are the things the dealers look for, that sort of thing."

Caraway says his department will have license plate detection cameras deployed to make sure that known criminals are not doing business at the show.  The entrances will also be carefully watched and no one can bring in a loaded weapon.

With the talk of new gun control laws reaching a roar across the country, show organizers are hoping for a busy but quiet weekend here.

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