Church burglar alerts police by loudly ringing church bells

Hamid Banisaaid
Hamid Banisaaid

Labadieville, La. - It didn't take deputies long to locate a man who broke into a Labadieville Church. Assumption Parish deputies say the suspect, who reportedly forced open a church door, activated loud bells that are normally reserved only for funerals.

Deputies responded to a call from the priest who lives next door, who told the 911 operator that the church bells were "going crazy". Responding officers arrived at the church and found 32-year- old Hamid Banisaaid inside. Deputies say he was drinking with his shoes off and told officers that he was getting ready to sit down and play the church piano.

The incident happened Sunday night around 9:30 at at St. Philomena Catholic Church on Convent Street in Labadieville.

Banisaaid, a resident of Labadieville was booked in the Assumption Parish Detention Center and charged with Simple Burglary of a Religious Building.