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La. State Police head in DC gun violence meetings

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The superintendent of Louisiana State Police is in Washington for meetings on gun violence.

Col. Mike Edmonson said Tuesday his itinerary this week included conversations with police chiefs who have had to deal with three mass-shootings: the shootings at a Colorado movie theater where 12 died; the fatal shootings of six at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisc.; and the Newtown, Conn., school shooting where 20 children and six educators died.

Edmonson said participants reviewed various aspects of President Barack Obama's proposals on gun violence, and discussed developing a model plan to respond to mass shootings.

"We're dealing with prevention, the response and the aftermath," he said.

He also said that discussions at the meeting included weaknesses in the system by which police can obtain information on guns used in crimes.

He said those weaknesses were evident this past weekend in Louisiana as investigators sought records on a shotgun believed used in the killing of a police officer in the Charenton area. "It was Monday before we could get information on the gun," Edmonson said in a telephone interview.

Edmonson added that he wants to make sure Louisiana gets its fair share of any federal resources available to combat gun violence.

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