St. Tammany deputies assisting New Orleans with Super Bowl

Sheriff's deputies have been asked to assist the New Orleans Police Department with activities this week surrounding the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday.

Sheriff Strain has agreed to assist the south shore with augmenting NOPD's manpower for the festivities this week.  It is a busy time of year for the city of New Orleans with the Mardi Gras season having already begun, not to mention Super Bowl XLVII being hosted in the city.

25 Deputies from the Traffic Division, Street Crimes Unit, and Marine Division have been working in the city since this past Monday on a daily basis.  Of those 25 deputies, 13 are motorcycle deputies helping with traffic and escorts.  The other 12 are partnered with NOPD officers and being utilized in the downtown and French Quarter areas.

The deputies will continue to work throughout this week and return to the north shore for the Friday and Saturday night parades.  They will then return on Super Bowl Sunday for their final day in the city.