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NOPD leads security for nation's biggest game

NOPD officers in the French Quarter  (photo by Jessica Holly) NOPD officers in the French Quarter (photo by Jessica Holly)

New Orleans, La. - Safety in New Orleans becomes a national issue, with the country's biggest game of the year just days away. But the Super Bowl isn't the only concern for the force leading security.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas had this to say during a Super Bowl security news briefing: "The New Orleans Police Department is the best agency in the world at handling large crowds."

"I believe we know how to do this and we know how to do it right in New Orleans," added Colonel Mike Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police.

450 NOPD officers are now working 12-hour shifts. They're joined by 200 state troopers and many other officers from the region.

Lucky Dog vendor Henry Stapleton has worked in the French Quarter for 30 years. "I'm glad to see them out here," said Stapleton.  "Look, that makes me feel more safe because I work on the streets."

If you need a police officer in the French Quarter, you'll be able to find one or a group of them on just about every corner. New Orleans police officers are especially easy to spot, wearing their neon reflective gear.

Visitors here for the Super Bowl are certainly taking notice. "There are plenty of police officers out here," said a visitor. "They're doing a fantastic job."

"As you can see behind us, there's like six or seven of them out there," said a 49ers fan.  "It's kind of good that they're out here making sure we're going to be safe."

"Visibility is always a deterrent. Plus, it just makes people feel good." said Superintendent Serpas. "We are the best crowd control agency in the world. We take great pride in that and this year we are going to be the best agency in making people feel welcome when they come to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Super Bowl and Mardi Gras."

The Department of Homeland Security is asking everyone to do their part as well, through the "See Something, Say Something" campaign.  If you see something suspicious, call 800-434-8007 or text 69050.

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