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Ravens and 49ers fans take in the sights of Bourbon Street

Ravens fans brag about their team on Bourbon Street. Ravens fans brag about their team on Bourbon Street.

New Orleans, La. — The Super Bowl rivalry was in full swing in the French Quarter by lunch time Friday. Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers fans wasted no time going at it on Bourbon Street.

"Go 9-ers, go 9-ers," a San Francisco fan shouted.

"Go Ravens," shelled a man with a purple mohawk hairstyle.

Many headed to the French Quarter straight from the airport. For sure, they are here to be seen and heard.

"I am very happy to represent the best female fan base in all of the NFL, and that would of course be the Baltimore Ravens' fans," said Cindy Pierce, who calls herself the "Purple Dame." She was wearing a purple wig and everything else she had on was purple.

"Yep, I am a 49ers' number one man," said Gerald Stillwell, who wore an eye-catching red hat.

Amid all the rivalry, there is a lot of celebrating.

"It's our year, it's our year… we've got to send Ray [Lewis] off right," said Kamar Brooks, a Ravens fan.

"We're not tanked up but we're getting there, we're getting there," said 49ers fan Tim Petropulos as he talked about the fun he was having on Bourbon Street.

"I got everything, I got my motor tuned up," chimed in Chris McAllister, also a San Francisco fan.

Among the crowds walking Bourbon Street was a group of Super Bowl loyalists.

"This is a group of my fraternity brothers and we started going to the Super Bowl in '04. I'd been to maybe four or five before that," said Saul Davis, who is in town with three of his long-time friends.

Though friends, they differ on which team should win.

"We're pulling for San Francisco," said Thomas Phillips.

"I'm Andrew Hicks and I'm pulling for Baltimore," said another.

And then there was a man holding a sign which read, "We need tickets." He said he was confident he would find them.

"We bought our tickets before we got here. We wanted to make sure," McAllister said after spotting the sign.

Ravens fans are confident their team will defy the odds and win.

"They're going to take it and bring the ring home to us," said Sandy Woodring.

"Ed Reed is from this area, we're going to have a great game… this is Ed's town, so we're taking the trophy home to Baltimore," added Ravens fan Van Spivey.

No matter who the fans will be rooting for on Sunday, many had cheers for the city.

"It's amazing here, the people are friendly, the food is amazing," said Kelly Perdikakis.

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