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Super Bowl cleanup for Mardi Gras

New Orleans, La. - It's a trip no Ravens fan will soon forget.

"The atmosphere was astounding. I couldn't ask for anything more. The Super Bowl should be here every year," says Ravens fan Joe Carolan

Plenty of Super Bowl fans still linger in New Orleans spending money and enjoying the city.

"If you ever want to go to a Super Bowl, get your check book out because it's going to be expensive," says Ravens fan Ron Ruthenberg

As the party continues in the French Quarter, the Superdome is being transformed once again, this time for the carnival season.

In fact, the tear down began outside the dome the moment kickoff happened inside.

"We took crews outside on the street. We had the task of taking graphics off of thousands of barricades. By half time, all the barricades were gone and the covers were gone," says Arthur Boisfontaine.

Arthur Boisfontaine's company, Crystal Clear Imaging, spent the last month working around the clock to strategically place signs and billboards around the city.

Workers also wrapped 5 buildings with huge images of Super Bowl XLVII.

All of it, must come down in the next two days.

"We are going to just keep going until it's taken care of, but we really have a daunting task because of Mardi Gras. Endymion is coming in here and they have a contract," says Boisfontaine.

Restaurants, like Oceana Grill, are coming off of a very busy Super Bowl weekend and gearing up for carnival revelers.

"We had to jump start all of our orders. We basically cleaned up after the Super Bowl and we're getting ready for the next round," says Chef Kenneth Cornin of Oceana.

The city must be ready this Wednesday when two parades roll on the uptown route.

The parades will continue every night leading up to Fat Tuesday.

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