Asparagus and Truffle Risotto

Asparagus and truffle risotto

Serves 8 People


Arborio rice - 16 oz.

Shallot - 2 medium (diced)

Medium Asparagus 32 stalks

Heavy cream - 1 cup

Butter - 2 oz.

Parmesan cheese - 2 oz.

Truffle - 0.5 oz.

Truffle oil - 0.5 fl-oz

White wine - 4 fl-oz

Chicken stock - 6-7 cups

Method of preparation:

Peel the asparagus and remove the bottom part, as they tend to become woody.

Blanch asparagus in salty boiling water for 2-3 minutes, depending of the size of the asparagus, to keep them crunchy.

Drain and cool them off immediately in icy water as to stop the cooking process. Once cold, drain.

Cut the asparagus in 2 inch sections, reserve them up until needed.

Over medium heat in a sauce pan, sauté the diced shallots in butter for 2 minutes or until translucent.

Add the rice and stir with a wooden spatula in order to coat the rice with the butter.

Once the rice is coated, add the white wine.

Add the chicken stock gradually while stirring, to allow the rice to absorb the liquid.

Season with salt to allow the seasoning to permeate the rice, however be careful not to over salt.

Cook the rice for approximately 15-17 minutes, the texture should be lightly al dente; you do not want it hard or mushy.

Fold the heavy cream into the risotto and add the asparagus, the shredded parmesan, and the truffle oil.

Check on the seasoning, adjust with salt and pepper as necessary to your taste.

The consistency of the risotto should be creamy but not soupy.

For Presentation: Place the risotto on a plate and shave the fresh truffle over it.