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NOPD recovers victim's stolen car after kidnapping, sexual assault

Intersection near where attack occurred in Garden District Intersection near where attack occurred in Garden District

Police have found a Garden District woman's car that was stolen Monday night. The victim was allegedly kidnapped, sexually assaulted and robbed.

According to police, the car was found abandoned Wednesday morning in the 800 block of Dorgenois Street.

Just before announcing that the car was found, NOPD announced the deployment of a special task force at Eighth and Camp Streets in the Garden District, where the attack occurred.

Residents there say they're living on high alert as they wait for the three suspects to be caught.

Earlier Wednesday, Garden District resident Megan Potts said of the attack, "It's kind of terrifying because I live just a few blocks that way so it hits close to home, I guess, when you hear about it in your own neighborhood."

According to police, a young woman was getting out of her car near her house on Eighth Street when two men approached, one with a gun, and forced her into a car, where a third man was waiting behind the wheel.  They drove around for 45 minutes, beating and sexually assaulting her. They eventually dropped her back off in her neighborhood and stole her car.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas says, "There's no question in my mind it was a crime of opportunity."

Residents on Eighth Street say they pay for security and frequently see security officers drive by. The Garden District Security Patrol already has three cars in the neighborhood 24 hours a day. But in light of this attack, the company says they'll add even more patrols.

Many people are considering changing their normal routines to keep themselves safe.

Claudia Hoxsey says, "I'm really leery, even with my dog. My daughter's a police officer, we were walking last night and we were really leery about walking in the evening."

Earlvina Jackson won't stop walking to and from Magazine Street but she does have another plan. "Change my route," Jackson says.

Hoxsey says she's heard of more and more crimes taking place in the Garden District over the past year. And the scary thing to her is when they're taking place -- this Eighth Street attack happened at 6:45 p.m.

"My next door neighbor bought a gun. She's the one whose son was carjacked. But I said to her are you going to carry the gun with you just to carry your garbage out? Because literally that's when it can happen," Hoxsey said.

Until the trio is behind bars, many Garden District area residents say they'll be on guard.

Crimestoppers has increased the reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. It's now up to $6,000. So if you know anything call 50- 822-1111.

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