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Laissez Boys plan to ride parades in comfort

Laissez Boys Laissez Boys

New Orleans, La. - Brian O'Reilly first thought about it about 10 years ago.

"I was standing on a parade route thinking about how old I was getting and how rare it had been that iIhad actually gone into the Quarter again behind a parade like we did when we were kids running around town," he says. "I thought, what's stopping me and it's the walk."

So this year, O'Reilly and more than 20 of his friends will ride the parade on their recliners.

They call themselves the Laissez Boys, New Orleans first social aid and leisure club.

The members replaced the chairs on motorized scooters with something a little more plush.

"Mine actually is an authentic Lazy Boy," says Chris Poche. "They're not all. but it's padded and comfy and it's easy to drive. It's perfect."

The group will make its debut in Tucks Saturday afternoon.

And they're outfitting their recliners for Monday night's ride in Orpheus.

One Laissez Boy built his chair from scratch, complete with a bar that rises from the armrest.

"The chair over there with the bar, we call him Q now from the James Bond movies," says Trey Burvant. "He basically tutored all of us on how to convert 12-volt systems and LED lights and you can do a variety of things with them so we're just experimenting with them."

Each chair has its own special details and every gentleman will have a costume matching his custom chair.

"I feel like it's sort of Harry Potter in a way," says Burvant. "Like the chair and the jacket pick the rider and the chair takes on its own life so you just have to follow what the chair tells you."

The group road tested their recliners over bumps and curbs and the chairs should be able to handle whatever Mardi Gras throws at them.

As for their own throws, the laissez boys plan to pass out poker chips along the route.

The men say they're ready to ride.

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