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Parade party planners are up early for the big day

New Orleans, La - Endymion Saturday can take weeks, sometimes months of preparation. Not just for the krewe, but for the parade goers themselves. They get serious when it comes to parties along the route.

Leonard Kelly's group staked out a spot on Canal Street Friday night and started cooking up a day of Endymion fun at 6:30 Saturday morning. "Yes, this is a tradition," said Kelly. "We are set up tomorrow for Bacchus and we'll set up for Mardi Gras doing the same thing."

Cherylyn Abercrombie's camp along the ladder-lined street isn't as elaborate, but that's because there's a home base about a half a block away. "The chairs, the tents, the ladders and a near by bathroom, and hot dogs and that's all we need," said Abercrombie.

It's one thing to be in charge of setting up camp on the neutral ground, but it's a whole different story if you are planning a party at your home or business along the parade route.

"You have to get all of the stuff together," said Caroline Delaney. "I mean it's a lot of work."

"Oh yes, all of your friends look to you suddenly and you have the responsibility to have the big party," said Bres Burvant, who has a business along Canal Street. "We probably tripled in size this year, word gets out quick."

In the end, parade day party planners say it all pays off in the form of great memories with family and friends.

"It's bigger than anything," said Leonard Kelly. "It's most enjoyable just seeing them here and we enjoy it as a family. That's what all counts."

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