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Thousands flock Uptown for three Sunday parades

New Orleans, LA -- Parade lovers parked their chairs along magazine for a triple header Sunday, the krewes of Okeanos, Mid-City and Thoth.

It's a sea of purple, green and gold with a touch of gray sky in the mix.

"Well, I am from Arizona, so I'll stay, I've got my rain jacket. I'm ready," says Theresa Burchett.

Heather Murray, who lives along the route has all the food and beverages she'll need if parade goers have to huddle inside.

"I think Mardi Gras is just about spending time with your friends, spending time with the people you care about and so that's what we'll do regardless of the weather," says Ashley Poindexter of Memphis.

The Krewes of Okeanos and Mid-City rolled early hoping to beat the rain with Thoth ready to follow right behind them, but there was a hold-up.

"The height of the wire has to clear the top of the floats, says Ivan Valentino of the Thoth Organization. "The wire has dropped and for some reason they didn't have that clear before the parade route, so they're picking the wire up and we'll get this parade back on track."

Entergy crews worked to raise the power line, which delayed the Krewe of Thoth for approximately 30 minutes.

The Krewe of Okeanos paraded with the theme of the Okeanos Getaways.

There were 20 floats carrying 250-Krewe members.

The Krewe of Mid-City paraded with the theme It's about Time.

The club rolled with 185 male and female members on 17 floats.

The Super Krewe of Thoth has more than 1,500 men riding on 42 floats, entitled Thoth Salutes the Kings.

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