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Family says Bacchus krewe member threw jug of urine at them

Jug that was thrown at the Ezell family Jug that was thrown at the Ezell family

The Bacchus parade turned into a nightmare for a North Shore family after they say a rider on one of the floats threw a jug of urine at them.

Rick and Donna Ezell still can't believe what happened to them Sunday night, describing it as "Gross, horrific."

The couple, along with about 20 family members ranging in age from 7 months old to 70 years old, stood outside their hotel on Julia Street watching the Krewe of Bacchus parade.  They say that's when a krewe member on float 23 A, who'd been throwing bags of beads at them, decided to throw something else.

"He goes, 'Hold on one minute.' And he reached down and when he reached down, he threw this big jug off the float," Rick Ezell said.

Ezell instinctively went for the throw but he missed the jug and it exploded on the ground. Instead of a Carnival surprise, Ezell said he was shocked to find the jug was filled with urine. 

When it spilled onto the street, the urine splashed all over both Rick and Donna Ezell, her 70-year-old mother, a woman in a wheelchair and several kids.

Donna recalls, "I'm like, oh my God, who would do that? We were all in shock."

Immediately after the urine spilled, Rick Ezell says he spotted an NOPD officer on Julia Street and told that officer about the incident. That officer instructed him to go to the Convention Center to the end of the parade route to try and track down the float.

"I was very upset because if the first police officers would have come, they could have gotten everybody's statement. They could have seen what was in the jug. I mean, I had to actually pick this jug up, put it on ice and bring it home with me, so I have some evidence," Rick Ezell said.

Another officer near the Convention Center helped stop the float and instructed the float captain and krewe member who threw the urine to get off.

Rick remembers, "He said, 'It wasn't me, it was a drink, I wouldn't do something like that.' And that's what infuriated me the most. The whole float was acting like I was the crazy person, that they didn't do anything wrong."

The Ezells saw the NOPD officer write the krewe member a summons for simple battery and urinating in public. But they say no punishment will be strong enough to make up for the embarrassment and horror they went through Sunday night.

NOPD says a police report was not written because, if an officer writes a summons, they don't always need to write up a report.

FOX 8 placed several calls to the Bacchus organization, but so far no one has called us back.

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