Orleans DA investigating Bacchus urine incident after FOX 8 report

Jug that was thrown at North Shore family
Jug that was thrown at North Shore family

UPDATE 8:15 P.M. -- Clark Brennan tells FOX 8 that he knows who the rider is who allegedly hurled the jar of urine off the Bacchus float.  

While Brennan wouldn't identify him to FOX 8, he does say that the man is a substitute rider, and that he has been banned from ever riding  in Bacchus again.  He also says the man's attorney requested contact information for the Ezells, so he could personally apologize for his behavior. 


New Orleans, La. -- The Orleans Parish District Attorney's office will investigate a report that a Bacchus krewe member threw a jug of urine on a North Shore family during the parade. The investigation comes after members of the DA's office saw FOX 8's initial report Wednesday night.

Rick and Donna Ezell are Slidell residents who, along with about 20 family members, watched Bacchus from in front of their hotel on Julia Street Sunday night. They say the family was catching throws when all of a sudden a jug of urine was thrown their way.

The urine splashed on them, their family members, and a woman in a wheelchair.

Clark Brennan is a member of the Bacchus Board of Directors. Brennan says he was disgusted when he first heard about the incident.

"Bacchus doesn't stand for this. This is not something Bacchus condones," Brennan said.

Donna Ezell says she's mortified by what happened. So too is Brennan, who says he's launched an investigation to identify the krewe member who may have done this.  But, with 1400 riders, it will be a difficult task.

"We're getting conflicting reports of one float number compared to another float number, compared to a third float number.  So my family and the Krewe of Bacchus is doing everything we can to get to the bottom of this and we will, within time," Brennan said.

The perpetrator was pulled off the float soon after the incident and written a summons by police for simple battery and urinating in public.  But the clerk's office at Municipal Court hasn't entered the summons information into the computer yet, leaving Brennan to do the digging on his own to find out who the man is.

Once found, Brennan says, he'll be punished. "When we find someone who breaks our rules, they're taken away from the club and their membership is taken away," Brennan explained.

The krewe member also could face more serious criminal charges, given the District Attorney's interest in the case.

FOX 8 legal analyst Joseph Raspanti explains, "You could have a state battery charge or any number of things.  We could guess at which way they could go. When you get down to it, the offensiveness of it is where it happened, and because it's the city and what we're trying to do, so that's why what occurred is such a big deal."

Raspanti says, assuming this man has no criminal history, he doesn't foresee the krewe member serving any jail time.

Rick and Donna Ezell say they're also considering filing a civil lawsuit against the rider to make him pay for his actions.

Clark Brennan says there are portable toilets on every single Bacchus float, so he doesn't know why someone would have a jug with urine in it in the first place.

Rick Ezell says he's not mad at the Bacchus organization and doesn't want their name tarnished. He simply wants this one man responsible to be punished.