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Jim Letten talks about his new post at Tulane University

Former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten talks about his new  job at Tulane University. Former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten talks about his new job at Tulane University.

New Orleans—Former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten says the opportunity to work at his alma mater was tugging at his heart.

As FOX 8 News first reported, Letten is taking a position with Tulane Law School.

"I'm really excited," he said during an interview with FOX 8 News Thursday.

Letten received his Juris Doctorate from Tulane in 1979.

He will be the first Assistant Dean for Experiential Learning at Tulane. As such, Letten will be in charge of broadening the university's practical learning opportunities for law school students.

"Our plan is to place in the legal community, in governmental institutions, and private firms more externs who can go outside of the law school and work in actual legal settings and provide legal services to those settings," Letten said.

The goal is to make graduating law students more competitive.

"When these young people walk out of Tulane University their resumes will increasingly improve actual practical experience that is going to give them an edge in getting employment and making them a cut above and that's what the name of the game is," said Letten.

Letten stepped down amid a federal probe into caustic online rants by some of his top assistants in the U.S. Attorney's Office.

"The decision that I'm announcing right now to resign my post as U.S. Attorney was ultimately mine," Letten said in December as he announced his resignation.

Since then he has had little down time.

"Most of my time to be honest with you has been out and about interviewing and really looking very hard for precisely the right opportunity which I am absolutely sure that I've found with Tulane Law School," said Letten.

On the day Letten stepped down he said he had no interest in leaving his hometown; a city where his work as U.S. Attorney made him widely known.

"When I said that I wanted to stay in New Orleans I meant it…I didn't seriously consider anything outside the New Orleans area, this is my home," he said.

Letten was bent on remaining in the city even if it meant rejecting more lucrative offers.

"This really sang to me, it made the difference for me and when I went to Jo Ann and I explained to her, hey I found something that I really, really, really have to do, I really want to do, but it's really a lot more like public service than anything. She was so supportive," he said.

He admits he misses his colleagues at the U.S. Attorney's office.

"So I'm going to continue to root for them, I'm going to read about them, and watch what they do every day, and that will always be part of me, and I'll always be a part of that," continued Letten.

But now the man who helped put some high profile figures behind bars is looking forward to his new position in academia.

"This is a phase of my life, and this is something that I've always really wanted to do, and that's no kidding," said Letten.

Letten said he will start his new job before the month ends.

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