Vote recount over CCC tolls will include 3650 ballots

New Orleans, La. -- The ongoing battle over bridge tolls on the Crescent City Connection will come to a head on Saturday, when 3,650 absentee and early ballots will be recounted. But whatever the outcome, opponents of the tolls say the fight will not end there. If the recount doesn't change the outcome of the November 6th election, attorney Patrick Hand, who represents the group Stop the Tolls, says the legal battle will continue.

The vote recount is set for 9 am Saturday morning in the New Orleans City Council Chambers.  Hand says the recount will only include absentee and early ballots from Orleans Parish. There are an estimated 450 ballots that will be counted by hand, including 70 paper ballots, 200 fax ballots and 180 email ballots. The recount will also include re-running 3,200 early votes through the voting machine. Hand expects it will take one to two hours to complete the recount.

If the recount doesn't change the outcome of the election, Hand says he'll go back to the same judge in Baton Rouge and present arguments to nullify the election. He claims there is strong arguments for nullification. One of those arguments include the fact that more than 1,600 voters were given provisional ballots, ballots that only included the presidential race, not local issues. Hand also claims there was a case of electioneering by a poll worker in New OrleansEast. Hand claims the poll worker reportedly told people that their taxes would go up if they didn't vote for the tolls.

All parties involved in the lawsuit will be allowed inside council chambers for the recount. Each side is allowed to have two additional people to monitor the process. In addition, any state legislator who wants to attend will be allowed inside. Hand does expect some legislators to show up.