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NOPD commander subject of OIG criminal investigation

NOPD Commander Edwin Hosli NOPD Commander Edwin Hosli

NOPD Commander Ed Hosli is the subject of a criminal investigation. The New Orleans Office of Inspector General informed the Civil Service Commission about the investigation Monday as the commission considers giving Hosli his old job back.

For 21 months, Hosli has been waiting to learn his fate with the NOPD. In May 2011, Commander Hosli was suspended for running Anytime Solutions, LLC., which was in charge of the red light camera ticket review detail. Hosli came back from suspension but was placed on administrative reassignment.

At a Civil Service Commission meeting Monday morning, Hosli's attorney argued why he should be taken off administrative reassignment. But then the Office of Inspector General presented a letter, stating Hosli is the subject of a criminal investigation.

Hosli's attorney, Claude Schlesinger commented, "Nobody likes to get sandbagged by that kind of revelation."

The OIG's office won't discuss any details of the investigation. The letter was presented at the same time the Civil Service Commission learned Hosli was taken off administrative reassignment in January and February in order for him to plan security for the Super Bowl.

"He was coordinating everything. State police, all additional officers coming into city, everything having to do with security was his responsibility," Schlesinger explained.

Schlesinger says it's hypocrisy that the city would allow Hosli to coordinate all security for the biggest event of the year, yet keep him from coming back to the force in a capacity similar to the job he held before the suspension.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas was investigated for just a few days when news of Hosli's LLC broke. Serpas has close ties to Hosli and his son-in-law was one of the people working the detail. But the investigation into Hosli has dragged on for 21 months. "21 months is certainly long enough to conduct even serious investigations," Schlesinger argued.

The Civil Service Commission says it will be several more weeks before they rule on Hosli's fate. In the meantime, he'll remain with the NOPD but can't carry a weapon or work a paid detail.

An NOPD spokesperson says Hosli has remained on the city payroll while the investigation is under way, so he's been expected to put in a full day's work like all other city employees.

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