Rex settles trademark dispute with liquor company

New Orleans, La. – The Rex Carnival Organization has settled a trademark infringement dispute with a Texas-based liquor supplier that was using its name. King Rex Spirits, Inc., the seller of King Rex alcoholic products, has agreed to stop producing any products under the "King Rex" trade name and immediately remove its products from the shelves of stores in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Further, the company agreed to cease immediately from using the imagery, traditions and history of the Rex Organization in marketing its products. As a courtesy, the Rex Organization agreed to allow Rex Spirits to liquidate the remainder of its existing inventory in states outside of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama for a one-year period and in foreign countries for the next 18 months.  Thereafter, the company and Mr. Ortiz are forever banned from selling worldwide any products under the "King Rex" trademark.

"We are pleased to have this trademark matter resolved through settlement," said Rex Organization spokesman King Logan. "The issue here is very clear – when the words and symbols of 'Rex' and 'New Orleans Mardi Gras' are used in the same context, that can only mean one entity, that of the Rex Organization and its 142 year history."

As part of the settlement, King Rex Spirits also will donate $1,000 to the Pro Bono Publico Foundation, the Rex Organization's public education charity.