Newborn mistakenly pronounced dead

Humber River Regional Hospital-CBC Photo
Humber River Regional Hospital-CBC Photo

Toronto, Canada - Canadian hospital officials review what went wrong after a police officer discovered a baby that had been pronounced dead was still alive.

The strange saga began when a 20-year-old woman gave birth on the street while walking to the hospital at a time when the city was under an extreme cold weather alert. An ambulance rushed the seemingly lifeless baby girl to the hospital where she was examined and pronounced dead.

Her body was covered with a sheet and police officers stood guard waiting for the coroner to arrive.

More than an hour later, one officer noticed the sheet was moving. He investigated and discovered a pulse.

An E.R. physician not associated with the hospital called it one of those "miracle baby scenarios."

Dr. Brian Goldman says," When hypothermia is involved, then no one can be pronounced dead until they're warm and dead, as opposed to cold and dead."

Humber River Regional Hospital issued a statement saying a review has been ordered. "The review is looking at all aspects of care provided in this case, including the extensive resuscitation efforts by hospital physicians and staff and the ambulance itself when it arrived at the hospital."

A police spokeswoman says at last check the baby was alive and in stable condition. The child's mother has chosen to remain anonymous.