Former mayor Ray Nagin pleads not guilty to federal corruption charges

New Orleans, La. - Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin has pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges.

Nagin, along with his attorney, appeared in federal court Wednesday afternoon the make the plea.

Nagin was released on $100,000 bond. The judge ordered that Nagin restrict travels to only Texas and Louisiana.

Nagin faces a 21 count indictment that includes fraud, conspiracy, bribery, money laundering and filing false tax returns.

Nagin is accused of accepting bribes from city contractors in exchange for helping them secure millions of dollars in work for the city.

The 24 page indictment names the contractors, all of whom pleaded guilty to various charges including giving Nagin money.

There are multiple people who have already pleaded guilty to corruption charges who may end up testifying against Nagin.

One of them is Frank Fradella.

Fradella admits he paid off someone identified as "Public Official 'A' in exchange for favorable treatment for his business Home Solutions.

He faces up to seven years in prison when he's sentenced next month.

Two more possible witnesses are awaiting sentencing.

One of them is Rodney Williams.

Williams is the former president of a company called "Three Fold Consultants" who admits paying thousands of dollars to a former public official in exchange for business benefits.

According to a bill of information, that public official served as an agent of New Orleans during the same period Nagin was mayor.

Williams faces up to 37 months in prison.

Another possible witness awaiting sentencing is the city's former chief technology officer.

Greg Meffert has admitted to steering millions of dollars of no-bid work for New Orleans' crime cameras to the company of businessman Mark St. Pierre.

He faces up to eight years in prison when he's sentenced.

St. Pierre has admitted to bribing city officials in exchange for contracts.

He has already been sentenced to 17 and half years in prison.

Nagin's trial has been set for April 29th.