Jovany Javier hopes to leave fans in total sonic bliss


New Orleans area native Jovany Javier has come a long way since earning a spot as a finalist on season 10 of American Idol.

"Since Idol, I've had the opportunity to travel around the world performing for more than 100,000 people which allowed me to really search and find out who I really am," Jovany said. "Being on Idol sets a person up for some VERY big obstacles going forward."

Jovany is releasing the follow up to his first full Spanish language release, "Contigo En La Distancia," with his first full English release called, "Please Don't Walk Away." He teamed up with fellow American Idol alum Tim Halperin to write the pop ballad about what he calls "feelings of love at first sight."

FOX 8 caught up with Jovany, who has been traveling around the world. He talked about the musical journey he started after his stint on Idol.

You quickly gained notoriety on a TV show. How have you grown since then? What are some obstacles you've faced?

"Being on Idol sets a person up for some VERY big obstacles going forward. A couple obstacles in particular were ; A, after Idol a person develops a sort of condition I like to called, CerebroIdolitis, which simply means inflamed expectation. Side effects include (funny but true), SEVERE depression, low self-esteem, and loss sense of self. The problem with CerebroIdolitis is that once you achieve that sense of accomplishment, it's hard to face the fact that you are back to square one and you've got to grind like everyone else!

"The sooner you "face the music'" so to speak, the sooner you can move forward and realize that Idol was never meant to be the "million dollar ticket", only a bridge to the next phase of a music career, a notch on the belt, a reference to put on your long resume! Which leads me to obstacle B: American Idol does not mean you are an ESTABLISHED ARTIST!"

What's your advice for someone who wants to enter the industry?

"My advice would be to shake EVERYONE'S hand. No matter if they're Stevie Wonder or Stevie the guy next door who likes to make music in his basement - make a friend, be a friend, lend a hand, because you never know who will extend one back. Also, live your craft! If you're a rock star, then be a rock star every breathing moment of your life, be the rock star."

You come from a place famous for its music.  How did that influence you?

"I think being from New Orleans had more of an impact on my performance and personality than it did on the music that I record. New Orleans is known for its Jazzy dank street corners, great food in every hole in the wall, a place to just get lost in the sounds, but I found my comfort in the smiles and vibes that I found on those street corners.

"There is something to be said for the many AMAZINGLY gifted souls who give up everything to play their music on the street corners of the French Quarter. It taught me to give in, to let loose, to be energetic and freeform on the stage. New Orleans lives through me on that stage."

"Please Don't Walk Away", which will be a free release February 20th at 5 p.m. CST, can be found exclusively at Be the first to check out the new single from Executive Music Group's recently signed artist Jovany Javier.