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Broussard's forfeiture expected to top $280K

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New Orleans, La. - Former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard will likely be forced to forfeit a lot more than he expected for his corrupt dealings.

The government has submitted a new motion, requesting Broussard hand over more than $280,000 for his role in bribery schemes and other corrupt acts.  He was originally asked to forfeit just over $231,000.

Broussard faces sentencing next week.  He resigned as president of one of the state's most populous parishes in 2010, ending a political career that spanned four decades.

Four other people - Broussard's ex-wife, two former parish officials and a parish contractor - already had pleaded guilty in the case and agreed to cooperate with federal authorities.

Former parish attorney Thomas Wilkinson pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge. He and Broussard were charged with plotting to give a lucrative parish job to Broussard's former wife, Karen Parker. Prosecutors say Parker was paid $323,000 over six years for a job she wasn't qualified to hold and never performed.

Parker pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony, or concealing a crime.

Broussard pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including a charge that he accepted payoffs to steer parish work to the owner of a telecommunications equipment and services company. The company's owner, William Mack, allegedly paid Broussard roughly $66,000 during his time in office in exchange for steering about $40,000 in parish work to Mack's company.

Mack pleaded guilty to conspiring to bribe Broussard. Timothy Whitmer, who served as the parish's chief administrative officer under Broussard, pleaded guilty to a charge stemming from the probe.

(Information in this report complied by FOX 8 and the Associated Press.)

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