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NOPD report released in Conti incident

New Orleans, La. - Video of the incident on Conti Street in the French Quarter has outraged many and prompted calls for the FBI and the City Council to investigate the actions of plain clothes law enforcement as they took down two young men on February 10th.

FOX 8 obtained a copy of the police report, written by Detective Bret Mathes of the NOPD.

Mathes was the only NOPD officer who was part of the plain clothes detail, which included eight undercover State Troopers.

According to the report, one of the State Troopers observed the two young men in the 700 block of Conti and they appeared to be in violation of the city's curfew laws.

It says the officers displayed their law badges and verbally announced themselves as police officers as they approached the two subjects.

Detectives Mathes states that one of the subjects attempted to flee.

The report also includes statements given by both 18-year-old Ferdinand Hunt and 17-year-old Sidney Newman.

Newman and Hunt say the officers never identified themselves verbally, nor did they display badges when they approached them.

One of the teens stated in the report that when law enforcement started grabbing for him, he placed his IPHONE in his pants pocket for safe keeping when one of the men grabbed his arm and removed his hand from his pocket.

In the report, Detective Mathes states that Officer Verna Hunt, one of the boy's mother, intervened and said ‘Get your &*^&$% hands off of my son' The young men were then released to the care of Officer Hunt.

According to the report, the video tape of the incident was reviewed by ranking members of the NOPD. They concluded that no violation was observed during the stop and no excessive force was used by the officers.

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