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New Orleans Police Officer shot while responding to a robbery

New Orleans, LA -- A New Orleans Police Officer is in serious condition after a man ambushed him at the Dollar General store in the 1100 block of Poland Avenue.

"This is a terrible tragedy this morning," says Superintendent Ronal Serpas of the New Orleans Police Department.

While in the 1100 block of Poland Avenue, NOPD and the SWAT team converged on a store at the corner of Saint Claude.

"A little after 7:00 this morning, one of our 5th District officers was responding to a disturbance call at the Dollar General. Not long after our officer entered the store he was attacked and ambushed by a young man with a gun," says Serpas.

Residents who live the area are in shock.

"No respect for law anymore, it's like the wild west here, especially in this area," says St. Claude Resident, Allan Jones.

The Dollar General Store had just opened at 7:00 a.m.

"There were people in the store when we believe what was a robbery was the motive, and we're interviewing all the people," says Serpas.

Serpas says there was a former law enforcement officer inside of the Dollar General at the time of the shooting. He immediately ran to the officer, picked up his radio and called for help.

"A very brave man, who was a former police official of our area who go on the radio got immediate assistance started this way, back up, etc. Right now the officer is serious condition, he's under medical care. We're going to keep looking until we find the person who did this," says Serpas.

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