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Parishioners react to priest's sudden resignation

Mandeville, LA -- Four days after Reverend, Michael Schneller of the Our Lady of the Lake Church in Mandeville steps down, he returns to the pulpit for Sunday mass.

Parishioners reacted today as they poured into noon mass for the first time since he announced he was stepping down.

Last week, the Mandeville Zoning Commission's denied the church's appeal for a permit to build a larger church across Lafitte Street from the existing chapel.

That same week parishioners received letter from Father Michael Schneller that he was stepping down as pastor.

Parishioners hope the zoning commission reverses their decision before Father Michael leaves in June because the case is now pending before the State's First Circuit Court of Appeal.

The parish is very split on whether we need the new church here or should we put a new church out on 1088 or another area where the growth really is, Mandeville can't really grow anymore than it already is, property in old Mandeville is gone." says Parishioner, Gerald Keller.

The Archdiocese of New Orleans is expected to appoint a new pastor before June.

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