NFL Combine: LSU boasts 13 players in attendance

Indianapolis, In. - Since Nick Saban stepped foot on LSU's campus in 2000 and Les Miles succeeded him in 2005, the Tigers have won two national titles and sent numerous players to the NFL.

36 players made opening day rosters in the league who hail from Baton Rouge, third most of any school.  13 players this week at the Combine showed that the pipeline will continue for years to come "Obviously he can recruit," former lineman PJ Lonergan said.  "He knows what he's looking at.  He knows the guys that aren't scared to work.  I came in, I was...I want to say the lowest guy in my class[in terms of ratings.]  I was barely a three star recruit and then to come through it all and be at the Combine and be one of the guys out of the class to make it here is, it really feels great and it shows that he can recruit whether it's the five star or the lonely three star like Morris Claiborne was too.

"Not only does he do a good job recruiting, he also does a good job developing his players and also bringing in coaches that help us grow as athletes and as men," said defensive end Barkevious Mingo.  "The staff at LSU is second to none and they all got us ready to play and we're here."

Many of the LSU players also point to the 'we are family' attitude that Les Mile has nurtured in the Red Stick as a reason for the Tigers being a top program, according to defensive end Sam Montgomery "It all goes to family and chemistry of our team.  I think the closer I am, the more I can relate to the players, the more we can get along.  It could mean hard-nosed coaching all through the week but as long as we come together on Sunday, that's what all really that matters and that's what happened at LSU.  It was hard-nosed coaching during the week but we all came together so that family vibe really makes a difference.  Instead of going hard for a teammate, I'm going harder for my brother.  Instead of going hard for a coach, I'm going harder for a father figure."

Four and five star recruits litter the LSU roster which means no job is safe and max effort is needed every day to win the starting job "The great thing about that is you know you get to see so many guys at practice and you get to feed off the energy," running back Michael Ford explained.  "It makes you better because you can't go to practice lolly-gagging, [someone] will be riding behind you and you won't ever get your shot."

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