Healthy Louisiana Shrimp Creole Pasta

Healthy Louisiana Shrimp Creole Pasta

6-8 Louisiana Shrimp

1 Creole Tomato

1 Onion-small diced

1 zucchini-medium diced or cut into rounds

Low sodium seasoning

2 sprigs Fresh Oregano

4 Roasted Garlic Pods

1 Bay Leaf

4 cups Shrimp stock

1 cup cooked Whole Wheat Pasta


Cut Onion In half and cut in slices and then small dice

Cut Tomato in small dice

Take leaves off of Oregano and chop until fine

In sauté pan add onion and sauté until opaque. Add tomato and sauté until tomato becomes soft (about 2 minutes)

Cook Shrimp in Sauté pan until thoroughly cooked-1 minute

Sear and cook the zucchini until soft

Add seasoning, Oregano and Bay Leaf

Add Shrimp Stock—stir constantly

Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly

Simmer on medium until all ingredients incorporate

For Pasta:

Put 2 cups water in pot with Seasoning and boil, add pasta and cook until done