NFL Combine: Southeastern's Robert Alford proving his worth

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Indianapolis, In. - Robert Alford strolls around the NFL Combine just like any big time college football player but he's not from a power conference, nor did he ever get a chance to play a bowl game.  

The cornerback honed his skills at Southeastern, away from the football bright lights.  Hammond isn't on the pigskin map but Alford is trying to change that.

"Once I stepped foot in Southeastern, I had that big knot up on me, everybody said I was at a small school, then I had doubters in my ear telling me I wasn't going to make it because I was at Southeastern, so just to be able to prove those doubters wrong and be able to prove myself to the head coaches and the General Managers, I think that would be a big thing for me.

The Senior Bowl in Mobile was Alford's coming out party.  He had a 90 yard kickoff return and an interception which opened eyes and showed that he had skills on both sides of the ball.  "I always said that I belong there, so just to be able to prove myself to the coaches that I belong there, I think it was good. It wasn't a big shock to myself because I always felt confident that I could do that."

Alford says he models his game after a player who played his college football just 45 minutes away "I like Patrick Peterson, being versatile he can play kickoff, punt return, and he can play nickel. I mean that's something that I played in college, I even played on the offensive side my senior year, this past year. So I mean being versatile like Patrick Peterson, that's somebody that I like to model my game after."