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Head of Kenner Housing Authority resigns

Image of KHA offices from Google Maps Image of KHA offices from Google Maps

Kenner, La. - The embattled head of Kenner Housing Authority has resigned.

KHA Director Claudette Raphael has submitted a letter of resignation, saying the stress of the job has affected her health. The resignation is effective March 1.

HUD inspectors arrived at the offices of the Kenner Housing authority in November to investigate allegations of mismanagement and financial wrongdoing.  They are allegations that led to its being deemed a troubled agency.

"Rather than drag out for six months, we came in quickly with resources to try and get it rectified immediately," said HUD Regional Director Justin Ormsby.

A FOX 8 investigation into the authority revealed a number of instances of questionable spending and bills not being paid. 

HUD investigators say they are looking at a wide range of problems, from financial mismanagement to an operational breakdown which may be responsible for dozens of substandard public housing units.

The Housing Authority board is in the process of figuring out how to replace Raphael.

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