Man arrested in meat cleaver attack on wife

A man in Chinatown was arrested after allegedly attacking his wife with a meat cleaver before being stopped by two firefighters according to Fox reports that the firefighters were going through their regular morning routine when they witnessed the assault and immediately responded.

According to MyFoxNY, security cameras caught much of the incident. The footage shows a man identified as Ming Guang Huang, 28, being restrained after attacking his wife, identified as Jinyia You, 24.

"I hear a commotion in the street, I look over, there's a man dragging this woman, grabbing her by the arm, dragging her, she's crying and she's screaming," firefighter Jose Ortiz told

Ortiz, an18-year veteran of the FDNY, said he was shocked and horrified by what happened next.

"He pulls the cleaver out of his waistband and starts hacking at this woman, I rush him, I'm trying to grab the cleaver, but he's swinging."

Huang hit You six or eight times with the meat cleaver while repeatedly screaming, "She's my wife," a witness told

As Huang was being restrained, You, disoriented and panicked, managed to run off, leaving behind her shoes and a bloody sweater, the report states.

Firefighter Shane Clark pursued You, who was able to be bandaged by the firefighters before police arrived and took Huang into custody.

New York's Bravest told that they considered it all part of a day's work.

"We come across all kinds of stuff in our career; our first reaction is always what can we do to help – today was the same thing."

You is reportedly in stable condition. Her husband was treated for a laceration and faces charges including attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment.